California Minimum Wages in Effect

With the start of a new year, California’s new minimum wage legislature signed by Governor Jerry continues to take effect. If they haven’t done so already, the state reminds all employers that they must post the new California Minimum Wage Official Notice in a visible area for all employees to see. As the legislation declares, employers with 25 or fewer employees remain at $10.00 per hour with an increase to $10.50 starting January 1, 2018. Employers with 26 or more employees have a minimum wage of $10.50 which took effect January 1, 2017, and will increase to $11.00 per hour starting January 1, 2018. California’s list of scheduled increases to reach the $15.00 minimum wage in the year 2022 can be found HERE.

(Compliance posters with Federal and California information can be ordered HERE).


Several cities, however, have enacted ordinances that require a higher minimum wage than that state’s law. Employers within those cities are also required to post minimum wage notices for their local ordinance.

Below is a comprehensive list of cities where differing minimum wages than the state’s have already taken place or are scheduled to take place. As a reminder, please check with your city as local ordinances may be enacted, modified, or repealed. On September 2016, for instance, the city of Long Beach decided to change their minimum wage plan to slow the city’s originally planned wage increase proposed earlier in 2016.

Berkeley $12.53 effective 10/1/16
Cupertino $12.00 effective 1/1/17
City of San Diego $11.50 effective 1/1/17
City of Santa Clara $11.10 effective 1/1/17
El Cerrito $12.25 effective 1/1/17
Emeryville $13.00 or $14.82 depending on number of employees effective 7/1/16
Long Beach $10.50 effective 1/1/17
Los Altos $12.00 effective 1/1/17
Los Angeles City and County $10.50 effective 7/1/16
Malibu $10.50 effective 7/1/16
Mountain View $13.00 effective 1/1/17
Oakland $12.86 effective 1/1/17
Palo Alto $12.00 effective 1/1/17
Pasadena $10.50 effective 7/1/16
Richmond $12.30 effective 1/1/17
San Francisco $13.00 effective 7/1/16
San Jose $10.50 effective 1/1/17
San Leandro $12.00 effective 1/1/17
San Mateo $11.00 effective 1/1/17
Santa Monica $10.50 effective 7/1/16
San Jose $10.50 effective 1/1/16

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