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  • Year End Reminder: 2017 FUTA Credit Reductions

    Last year, the IRS imposed a reduction of the FUTA credit against several states. The credit reduction will be extended into 2017, but only for California and the Virgin Islands. The Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) tax is a federal tax on employers in the state’s unemployment insurance program. The tax is imposed on employers […]

  • 4 benefits of using a single database HRIS

    If you’re a business owner, HR professional, or are part of a management team, chances are you’ve heard the term “single database” when dealing with your payroll or human resources systems. You perhaps have even dealt with the frustrations and limitations of not having a single database system, requiring you to work with different software […]

  • How HRIS Can Harness Maximum Productivity – Yes, It can be done!

    A carefully selected HRIS can increase productivity for your business by drastically reducing the manual administrative burden of your management and HR teams across the board, thus allowing them to maximize time spent within their roles. Common administrative processes that take a lot of time from your personnel include record keeping, employee maintenance, and tasks […]

  • What is HRIS and what it means for business owners?

    As a leader in your business, it goes without saying that you are committed to providing your organization with the means necessary to reach your goals. As a result of this, perhaps you’ve also found yourself pondering what types of specific tools you can arm your team with to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity across […]

  • 4 California Bills Employers Should be Aware of

    This year, the state of California has introduced several bills that could significantly impact the workplace. From bills affecting the hiring process to the rules around granting employee leaves of absence, below is the legislation in progress that employers need to be aware of: Prior Conviction History AB 1008 would make it unlawful for an […]

  • Best Practices for Welcoming New Employees

    At one time or another, many companies have struggled with employee satisfaction and retention. It is all too easy to focus on the goals of production and the needs of the client, leaving employees to feel undervalued and unmotivated. Without setting priorities to cultivate a healthy work environment for your staff, it is likely that […]

  • ACA Bill Collapses in Senate, back to drawing board?

    On Friday, July 28, the GOP’s continued effort to pass heath care legislation collapsed as Republican Senator John McCain cast his decisive vote against the GOP bill, causing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pull the bill off the Senate floor. “I regret that our efforts were simply not enough, this time,” he announced, “This […]

  • 4 Challenges Companies Face in the Hiring Process

    According to a recent study by, the time required for the hiring process in the U.S. and abroad has grown exponentially in recent years, averaging almost 23 days from first contact to offer acceptance. Employers and HR departments are struggling, now more than ever, to find and acquire great talent to complement their teams. […]