California Mid-Year Local Minimum Wages Going Up

As usual on July 1, a number of cities across California will see an increase to their minimum wage. The new rates are as follows, with employee count listed if applicable:

Alameda – $13.50

Berkeley – $15.59

Emeryville – $16.30

Fremont (26 or more employees) – $13.50

Los Angeles (25 or fewer) – $13.25

Los Angeles (26 or more) – $14.25

Unincorporated Los Angeles County (25 or fewer) – $13.25

Unincorporated Los Angeles County (26 or more) – $14.25

Malibu (25 or fewer) – $13.25

Malibu (26 or more) – $14.25

Milpitas – $15.00

Pasadena (25 or fewer) – $13.25

Pasadena (26 or more) – $14.25

San Francisco – $15.59

San Leandro – $14.00

Santa Monica (25 or fewer) – $13.25

Santa Monica (26 or more) – $14.25

As a reminder, please check your city and county’s local ordinances for the most up-to-date information to ensure minimum wage compliance.


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