Governor Brown Signs SB 3 for $15 California Minimum Wage

Last Friday, an amended version of Senate Bill 3(SB 3), for statewide $15 minimum wage in California was approved by Legislature and awaited Governor Brown’s approval today.

This morning, Governor Brown signed SB 3 into law, making California the first state to have a statewide $15 minimum wage.  A few cities in California had already approved a minimum wage hike to $15, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.  New York also signed a minimum wage increase to $15 today, but it only applies to various groups and in various regions, rather than statewide.

Minimum wage in California will now increase from it’s current $10 to $10.50 on January 1st of 2017.  Then it would raise to $11 in 2018, and continue to raise by $1 annually until 2022.

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