How the Presidential Candidates’ Viewpoints Regarding the ACA Could Impact Your Company

How the Presidential Candidates’ Viewpoints Regarding the ACA Could Impact Your Company
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As you may already know we are in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign season and with majority of the focus on the candidates and their opinions of each other, it may be quite difficult to get into the specifics of policies. In this article you will find the candidates stand on healthcare, more specifically, the Affordable Care Act or ACA.
While the rumors that the democratic party are in favor of continuing the ACA, the republicans are quite the opposite and have promised to repeal it. However there are some important information regarding the ACA in each of the candidate’s position on the ACA. Most importantly for employers, the candidates that remain in the presidential campaign have stated they intend to repeal the Cadillac Tax, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on that and it’s development once the new President is in office. There could be some other changes employers will need to be aware of as well.

Democratic Party

The Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders of the Democrat party, have both stated their support of the ACA and have indicated they intend to continue the ACA, but make a few adjustments so citizens won’t have to pay as much for coverage. Clinton plans to lower the deductibles as well as the cost of pharmaceutical drugs. While Clinton has stated her plan will most likely resemble President Obama’s plan, Sanders on the other hand has indicated he wants to take a different approach to the ACA and wants to create a single-payer system. Single-payer is basically a funding mechanism, meaning the state, rather than private insurers, would pay for all the healthcare costs. This would mean that every resident in the U.S. would pay for coverage through taxes and would therefore be covered for any and all medically necessary services, including doctor and hospital visits, preventative care, long-term care, mental health, dental and vision, reproductive health care, prescriptions and medical supply costs.

Republican Party

The Republican side has made it abundantly clear they wish to demolish the ACA and have promised to repeal the Act. The Republican Party is taking a different approach when it comes to healthcare as the candidates would like to give more responsibility to the consumers and offer health policies with more flexibility and free market principles.
Ted Cruz, the U.S. Senator of Texas, has stated he intends to repeal the ACA and in return provide the “Health Care Choice Act”. The Health Care Choice Act is basically a series of healthcare plans that residents can choose for themselves based on their personal needs. Ted Cruz stated “The Health Care Choice Act will reduce costs, force insurers to compete for business and empower consumers to choose a health plan that meets their needs”. Marco Rubio, Ben Carson (who have recently withdrawn from the campaign) and John Kasich have all previously discussed increasing consumerism and have voiced several ideas to make that happen.

Possible Change in Benefits

Because only a few of the candidates have stated specific details regarding healthcare plans, it has made determining how they will affect your company’s benefit plans difficult. With the Republican plans in place to demolish the current employer-sponsored health insurance plans or Sanders’ idea to move to a single payer system, any change could have a major impact on your company’s ability to maintain current coverage or even the methods used to recruit and hire top talent. A Single Payer plan could also negatively impact the current tax benefits available for employer-sponsored health insurance, which isn’t good news for any employer.
While the specific plans as to what will replace the current ACA are expected to come, it doesn’t mean congress will allow changes to happen. There’s also the possibility that a candidate changes their mind regarding healthcare once they’re in office. No matter the outcome of the healthcare debate, it is an important part of the Presidential role and directly impacts the cost of business, so staying informed is critical.

What PAYDAY Can Do To Help

The expert staff and HR partners here at PAYDAY can help you stay up to date on the rules and regulations of the ACA. We can also help keep you in compliance with ACA monitoring and reporting services. The staff here are well trained and constantly updated on the current ACA rules and regulations. If you have any questions about the information found in this article or any other compliance questions, feel free to give us a call at (714) 467-3434. We at PAYDAY look forward to helping you with any of your ACA needs.


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