Human Resources

HR solutions help you navigate the HR maze and maximize employee satisfaction.

HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

It has become more important than ever to have streamlined information in a moment’s notice. With our high-performance HRIS, PAYDAY can integrate your Payroll, HR & Benefits information to create a seamless process that saves time and keeps information at your fingertips.

  • Attract, recruit, and hire the best candidates with a centralized Applicant Tracking and Onboarding process
  • Automatically update Employee Information in Payroll with a single entry into HRIS
  • Benefits Management tools simplify enrollment and give you access to approvals, reconciliations, automatic payroll updates and carrier exports
  • Employee Portal conveniently allows employees to manage benefits and HR information in real time
  • Efficiently administer employee wellness programs and monitor nutrition, exercise and overall health
  • Employee Survey tools help you conduct and analyze an unlimited number of surveys utilizing wizards and a template library
  • Conduct employee, managerial and 360 degree reviews simply and effectively with the easy-to-configure Performance Management solution
  • Track and manage workflows and tasks, increasing accountability, consistency and efficiency
  • Enjoy a library of standard reports and advanced reporting tools, including scheduled reports and exports to Excel
For more information, or to see a demo of our robust HRIS solution, contact us today.


My Recruiting Center

Many employers spend hours posting job ads and even more time sifting through unqualified applicant resumes. PAYDAY provides best in class tools for recruiting, applicant tracking, candidate screening, and effortless onboarding.

  • Discounted job-posting packages allow you to advertise job openings to multiple job boards in one simple step
  • Job Ad templates make creating a posting quick and easy
  • Customizable screening questions ensure you only spend time on qualified applicants
  • Applicant tracking system includes tools to organize, rate, and review candidates
  • Tax Credit Screening provides quick recognition of eligible applicants
  • Integrates with PAYDAY’s Background Screening for instant ordering and quick review
  • Paperless technology allows the entire process to be handled electronically
  • Fully integrated onboarding solution includes E-Verify and I-9 Management
  • Upload new hire documents for employees to ready, complete and sign electronically
To ask about My Recruiting Center, or to activate your access, contact us today.

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HR Support Center

Give your company the tools to comply with complex HR requirements and the ability to get expert HR advice, without taking valuable time away from your business.

  • Quick access to an entire database of HR forms, letters and checklists
  • Customizable Job Description templates
  • Library of Federal and State resources, including the ability to receive instant eAlerts
  • 3-Minute HR Audit informs you of where your business stand in terms of HR
  • Downloadable Employee Handbook jump starts your handbook creation process
  • Monthly HR Newsletters, Podcasts and Tips help keep your business informed
  • HR on Demand provides unlimited access to Pro Support
  • Get help customizing documents, creating and updating policies and reviewing your Employee Handbook from Pro Support with HR on Demand
  • Pro Support provides answers to tough HR questions within one business day
Contact us today for more information on PAYDAY’s HR Support Center, or to upgrade your current Support Center to HR on Demand.

Employee Self Service

PAYDAY’s web-based solution seamlessly manages vital employee information and payroll records, and allows employees to access their own information at any time.

  • Seamless integration of standard data between payroll and employee modules
  • Employee maintenance of personal information, including address and contact information changes
  • Employee access to view and print current and historical pay stubs and W-2’s
  • Employee access to submit time off requests and view current time off accrual balances
  • Management portal provides a central point for managing employee changes and time off requests
  • Publish companywide messages, links and documents to the Dashboard
  • Reduce valuable time spent on employee questions, requests and information changes
  • Lower printing and delivery costs by managing information electronically
  • Secure access available 24-7 via the web
Contact us for further details on how using this powerful tool can save your business time and money.

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Compliance Resources

PAYDAY offers affordable, high quality resources to ensure compliance with the latest legal requirements.

  • Federal and State Compliance Posters
  • HR advisory services
  • On-site AB 1825 required training on preventing harassment in the workplace
  • Customized HR management services
  • Employee coaching for enhanced performance
Contact us today to order compliance posters or to schedule a consultation.

Background Screening

Did you know that up to 50% of applicants lie about experience, education and job skills? Get the facts up front with PAYDAY’s simple and reliable Background Screening process.

  • No monthly fees – pay only for the searches you order
  • Instant and affordable options
  • Receive in-depth search results within 24-72 hours
  • Decrease employee turnover by getting it right the first time
  • Reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement
  • Protect your employees and clients from violent offenders
  • Prevent lawsuits resulting from unqualified staff
  • Stay in compliance with the various screening laws
  • Tenant, Volunteer and Medical screenings available
Contact us for more information, or visit our Background Screening site for pricing and registration.

Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Comp

PAYDAY has partnered with the nation’s leading worker’s compensation insurance carriers to provide an effortless, accurate and affordable solution for your business.

  • PAYDAY agents negotiate the best possible rate on your behalf
  • Premiums are calculated using actual (not estimated) payroll information
  • Automatic payroll integration
  • No monthly invoices or large audit bills
For more information on our Pay-As-You-Go system, contact us today.


Employee Benefit Plans

Retain your best employees and keep costs low with benefit plans from PAYDAY’s trusted partners. Industry experts analyze your company’s benefit goals before recommending a customized offering that meets your specific needs.

  • Section 125 Plans
  • Provides employees and employers with tax savings
  • Employee-paid premiums cost the employer nothing
  • Benefits employees by filling the gaps in traditional medical and dental plans
  • Cafeteria plan options like Accident, Disability and Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 401(k) and Retirement Plans
  • Integrated solution with virtually no ongoing administrative burden
  • Wide variety of funds to choose from
  • Fixed monthly cost for companies with 2-50 employees
  • No asset-based fees
  • No participant fees
  • Access to a brokerage account
Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss your company’s specific benefits goals.

Integrations Available

PAYDAY is proud to offer integrated solutions for many of our HR offerings. Contact us for more details about our simple solutions.

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