Time Labor Management

Best-in-class products easily and accurately streamline your Time Labor Management, including data collection, scheduling and reporting.

Biometric Terminals

  • Increase security, eliminate fraudulent hours and reduce overall costs with biometric solutions using hand or finger recognition.

Web Entry

  • Use the Internet to collect labor data anywhere through PAYDAY’s Web Entry solutions. Web Entry provides increased flexibility without losing functionality. Web entry can also be used in conjunction with data collection terminals for a well-rounded and efficient Time Labor Management package.

PC Entry

  • Employees can quickly and easily enter time using a PC instead of a time clock or time sheet. Transactions are recorded effortlessly through the software, and can be used in conjunction with Web solutions and data collection terminals.


  • Transform any telephone into a time clock with PAYDAY’s Telepunch solution. Employees have to ability to call in from anywhere, follow customizable voice prompts, and use touch tones or Voice Recognition to report their information. Telepunch is ideal for remote and mobile workers.

Mobile Options

  • Ensure your mobile employees are where they should be, and collect time data through GPS and mobile apps. Flexible options also allow you to receive messages based on customized rules, such as geographic location or a change in route.

Payroll Integration

  • All of PAYDAY’s Time Labor Management solutions integrate to payroll with ease, creating increased accuracy, time savings and a quicker return on investment. Payroll Integration includes both Web Access and Remote Access.

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