What is Time Clock Software?

  • Time Clock Software

Time clock software is an important piece of your payroll service solution. It tracks the number of hours your employees work and can even prevent other employees from punching-in or punching-out on behalf of other employees.

Since the payroll department will pay each employee for their accumulated hours in accordance with the payroll policies, errors of just a few minutes per day can lead to several thousand dollars in extra payments for your company.

Time Clock Software

A major advantage to using time clock software is that it reduce costs to your business by ensuring employees are only paid for time actually worked. Once integrated into the payroll service process, time clock software systems can significantly reduce the amount of time required for your administrative staff to track, record and monitor employee time and payments.

Time clock systems can also alert management teams to potential employee attendance issues before they become major problems. Before selecting and installing your time clock system, make sure you have a well-planned time and attendance policy in place so that corrective measures can be taken if problems are discovered.

Some popular options of time clock software and attendance solutions that a company can deploy include:

  • Data collection
  • Biometric terminals
  • Badge terminals
  • Telepunch
  • Web entry
  • PC entry

You may use any of these time clock software solutions independently or collectively as a part of your time and attendance policy enforcement measures.

Time Clock Software Solutions

To learn more about time clock systems and which option might be the best for your company, contact our team today. All of PAYDAY’s Time Labor Management solutions integrate to payroll with ease, creating increased accuracy, time savings and a quicker return on investment. Payroll Integration includes both Web Access and Remote Access. Plus, we have been providing complete human capital management solutions since 1996. Let us help you choose the best time and labor management system for your business.


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