iSolved | Human Capital Management

isolved_logo-1Technology that allows you to completely manage all aspects of your workforce with a single log-in to a single data source has come to PAYDAY Workforce Solutions.  We are proud to present you with iSolved, the single platform that integrates time & attendance, benefits, and human resources with payroll.


Payroll Processing

As the backbone of our HCM software, payroll is easy and efficient.  The single database feeds real-time data from areas of the software such as HR, Benefits and Time, so that hours, earnings and deductions are accurately populated without manual entry.  The Payroll Preview function allows you to view all reports, including custom reports, alerting you to potential errors prior to processing your final payroll.

Tax & Regulatory Compliance

iSolved provides the tools needed to comply with mandatory I-9, OSHA and EEO requirements.  In addition, iSolved uses Vertex Geocodes to drive state and local tax compliance by instantly populating recommended taxes based on an employee’s zip code and work location.

Benefits Administration

PAYDAY builds your detailed plan information within iSolved to automate enrollment eligibility, allow employees to engage in a paperless enrollment process through ESS and effortlessly drive future payroll deductions.  The benefits tools also power ACA monitoring and reporting for easier, more accurate compliance.

Time & Labor

A complete time and attendance system that replaces tedious time-tracking procedures and eliminates manual collection of information needed for payroll.  Physical clocks, the iSolved mobile app and ESS web punching provide real-time processing and reporting of time data.

Human Resources Management

Is the central location for managing your employees’ documentation, training and certifications, company assets, performance reviews and more.  Empower employees to take charge of their own information through Workflows and ESS (Employee Self-Service), with options for Admin approval.


Walks new hires through all necessary steps, tasks & forms required in your organization’s hiring process by allowing employees to enter information directly into iSolved through ESS, avoiding multiple data entry.  Everyone in the hiring chain will appreciate the efficiency, accuracy and flexibility of this customizable paperless process.

logo-isolved_networkiSolved is a cloud-based, user-friendly solution that makes processing your payroll easier than ever before. And it increases accuracy. With iSolved, you have time tracking, human resources and benefits enrollment all within one source. No more duplicate data entry, or exporting and importing between disparate applications. Plus, your employees will have access to Employee Self-service - improving their engagement and satisfaction.

As an iSolved Certified Partner, we provide our customers with this transformational HCM technology, all while providing white glove service. Regardless of how many locations you have, or your number of employees, we process your payroll with accuracy. We handle all the reporting and filings so you don’t have to.