Learning Management

iSolved Learn delivers a simple, yet robust learning management system (LMS) to your employees – anytime, anywhere. Human Resources, front-line supervisors, and team leaders can create and upload customized training and track employee progress and they complete the training. Learning is self-paced and includes gamification elements to keep learners engaged. Specific courses or learning paths can be assigned to employees.

Bring together learning in one LMS platform that is part of your HCM solution

  • Includes short videos, gamification, and intuitive navigation for an enjoyable and engaging user experience.
  • Improve your employees’ job performance by educating them with learning that is tailored to your organization.
  • Use learning to boost employee engagement and ensure consistency acr

iSolved Learn Pro

With iSolved Learn Pro, you get all the features of iSolved Learn, along with access to a library of 150 training videos on topics, such as compliance, business skills, workplace safety, and management. No need for an additional third-party solution, you now have a powerful LMS that’s already integrated with your iSolved payroll platform!