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4 Ways to Stop Time Theft in 2013

On Dec 20, 2012

Time ClocksTime tracking used to be a very labor-intensive task -- one often filled with many small errors. But today collecting highly accurate time records for employee is easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Time & Labor Management systems that use the biometric technology are now more affordable and easier to use. Employers can also use ID barcodes on employee badges to allow employees to easily check in or out of their workstation.

Modern Time Clock Tools Save Time and Money

Today's time-tracking systems can now fully integrate into your accounting and back office payroll functions, allowing you to accurately synchronize your payroll and time tracking systems at the same time. Consider which one of the following four Time Clock Systems might be best for your business:

1. Biometric Time Systems

The most advanced way to prevent time theft, biometric time clocks are an affordable way for business owners to completely eliminate time fraud. Biometric time systems also reduce the costs of tracking employee time. Biometric time clocks use hand or finger recognition to record the unique characteristics of each employee's hand or finger. When arriving to work, the employee enters their ID number into the time clock system and places their hand or finger on the machine. A confirmed match will check the employee into or out of work.

2. Web-Based Time Clock Systems

Web-based time clock systems provide the convenience and accuracy of an automated time-tracking system at a relatively low cost. They are very easy to set-up and require no additional software or IT installations. Web Based Time Clock systems can also be used with other time collection systems to provide a flexible and convenient time and attendance solution for business owners.

3. Telephone Time Clock Systems

Ideal for organizations with a remote or mobile workforce, telephone-based time clocks are configured and installed at your business site using your current telephone service provider. Now any telephone becomes a time clock! Employees simply call in from any land line or mobile phone, and follow the voice prompts to check-in. The system is configured to use touch tones and/or Voice Recognition to record an employee's information. Telephone Time Clocks are also called Telepunch Systems.

4. Mobile Time Clock Systems

Ideal for mobile workforce employees such as delivery drivers, distributors, sales teams and customer service reps, mobile time tracking systems record an employees time and position are in real time using satellite-enabled global positioning systems (GPS). Data is collected using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Knowing exactly where each employees is at any given moment helps improve employee safety and allows an organization to optimize logistical and transportation workflows. PAYDAY provides flexible options to employers that also include the ability to receive real-time text alerts based on preset rules, such as a change in route or variance from a geographic location.

Business Savings

Business owners have long understood the need to track employee time and attendance. Errors of just a few minutes per day add up to thousands of dollars in needless labor costs over a period of a year. That's why implementing a comprehensive time and attendance system is so critical for small business owners. A substantial amount of money can be saved by automating the process of tracking employee time across your business with time tracking systems including time clocks, biometric terminals or GPS tracking. Contact PAYDAY Workforce Solutions today for a personalized consultation about your Time Tracking needs.

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