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Protecting Your Company Data

On Apr 7, 2012

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"If you are a small business and you have a catastrophic loss of data, you have a 91.6% chance you will never recover."

The above statement was given at a recent seminar by a data recovery manager of the nonprofit Small Business Consortium of Southern California.

Eventhough nearly all small business depend on data, most owners/managers are not adequately equipped to cope with a data loss. Online backup provider Carbonite, based in Boston, surveyed 1,005 employees at companies with one to 30 Internet-enabled computers in July 2011. That survey and additional research by the company reveal gaps in backup plans: Although 70 percent reported that they do some data backup, 48 percent said they had lost or deleted data accidentally, and only 13 percent felt vulnerable to a data disaster.

Given how crucial intellectual property, accounts payable and receivable, customer databases, supplier contracts, and the like are to businesses, most computer security experts recommend a comprehensive approach to backup. Since no one solution is foolproof, small companies should use the limited backup and system restore functions on most office computers, tablets, and smartphones; an on-site equipment backup system; and storage that transfers company information to a secure site online.

Here are a few suggestions/recommendations:

  • On-site back-A small 2 TB (terabyte) drive can cost less than $150. You can purchase automated backup software programs for less than $50 to automatically backup at 15 min intervals or end of the day.
  • Online backup- Cloud storage has become the newest buzzword in recent years.  These providers have small business packages starting at $50 per year and can handle all your storage needs.  It is important to find out how quickly you access these files in case of an emergency.

Test any system you use at least twice a year.  Go into the service's interface and randomly select data to attempt to restore.  Figure out your key data asset and resore that, as well as Quickbooks file or maybe a CRM database. Critical data can help your business thrive so start backing up your data today, your business could depend on it!



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