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The Importance of Time & Attendance Tracking

On Mar 31, 2012

We have been told to be punctual and on time when it comes to being a professional at work or elsewhere. Although every employee and employer attempts to be on time, all the time, this is not reality. In fact according to CNN, "Fifteen percent of workers admit to arriving late at least once a week" (Haefner). Thus, there are measures that can be taken by an employer which can increase the percentage of workers that arrive to work on time, all the time. One may ask how can employer do so? It's not rocket science yet many employers and companies do not practice the tracking of time and attendance of their employees. One reason that many employers do not do so is due to their lack of knowledge of time & attendance tracking systems. Another option for tracking time and attendance of employees is by working alongside with payroll service providers, such as Payday Workforce Solutions.

There are other reasons for which an employer should consider adopting a time & attendance tracking system, which include reducing problems related to employee over time, lessening the creation of confusion for employee and employer based on employees clocking in/out on time, and making the work of payroll staff easier and more efficient. By adopting such a system, an employer can save both time and money due to the system's ability to calculate the hours, minutes, and seconds that each employee has worked for. Another reason for which a company should consider using a time and attendance tracking system is to reduce the practice of an employee signing in or out for another (buddy punching). Nucleus Research states, "Three out of four companies experience loss from buddy punching". To reduce this significantly high number, employees may use biometrics, especially hand geometry, to automate the collection of time and attendance data from their employees.

There are many different companies and service providers that can help assist your company with its payroll services, which includes time & attendance tracking. There are various problems that companies and employers have to deal with in relevance to the tracking of time and attendance of employees; however, an employer can improve productivity, reduce payroll error, and decrease overtime costs by allowing a payroll company to keep track of the numerous employees within a company 

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