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What is a Time and Attendance Policy?

On Nov 20, 2012

Time and AttendanceA Time and Attendance Policies provide company-wide attendance standards and sets the appropriate procedures that all employees must follow. It also defines the policy that managers must follow when addressing attendance concerns with the company’s employees.

Your policy will defines both scheduled and unscheduled absences. It will also explain how your business defines paid time off (PTO), vacation and sick day usage, and any potential issues that may create the need for an employee to be away from the workplace.

However, recognize that no company can attempt to address every possible scenario that could arise in their Time and Attendance policy. That would lead to a policy that would be too lengthy and could lead to misinterpretations. It could also be too restrictive, as management should have sufficient autonomy to address some issues on a case-by-case basis.

When developing your Time and Attendance Policy, also keep in mind that you will need to consider the following topics and how they will affect your business. Discuss the following issues with your attorney before you begin drafting your policy. These issues include, but are not limited to:

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Jury Duty
  • Military Service
  • Absences mandated by a court’s summons, subpoena, or other legal order
  • Federal and state laws relating to breaks, lunch periods
  • Federal and state laws relating to rounding of time
  • Any other consideration as directed by federal or state law

Enforcing Your Time and Attendance Policy

Once you have structured your time and attendance policy, you will need to apply it fairly and consistently throughout your organization. Your company will need to enforce the policy so that every employee will know exactly what is expected of them. There must be no exceptions to the policy, not even among your most senior management team.

Ensure that you are monitoring employee time and attendance accurately and effectively with automated time tracking systems. There are many possible solutions to monitoring your time and labor, and PAYDAY Workforce Solutions offers many choices to choose from. Common solutions include time clocks, badge terminals and telepunch. When selecting your time and labor management system, consider whether your employees will need to clock in from their PC terminals or while on the road. PAYDAY offers Web-based time tracking systems, as well as time systems that are mobile enabled with GPS functionality for employees who are on the road. Since the payroll department will pay each employee for their accumulated hours in accordance with the payroll policies, errors of just a few minutes per day can lead to several thousand dollars in extra payments for your company. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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