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When you have hard working employees helping you build your business, you want to make sure they get accurate and timely compensation. That’s not always easy to do with in-house payroll and limited resources. It might mean long hours of frustrating verification, chasing paperwork like payroll deduction forms and timekeeping reports, and looking for information about payroll taxes. When you use an online payroll service that has a focus on compliance, there are plenty of easy ways to get the payroll tax help you need.

Read What They Send You

Online payroll services often include informational notices in payroll materials, emails and newsletters. You’ll get notices of pending legislation, tax law changes, legitimate ways to manage your unemployment insurance rates, fraud notices regarding things like SUTA dumping, requirements for new hire reporting, and many other payroll tax issues.

You’ll get a lot of payroll tax help in the notices provided this way, and have a handy reference so you won’t have to look things up. Read through what comes in from your online payroll service, as it’s a very valuable piece of your payroll processing service.

Talk to Your Payroll Specialist

When you have questions about things like what constitutes wages and how to prepare for a payroll tax audit, talk to your payroll specialist. One of the main benefits of using a payroll service is having someone to call and ask questions to help you understand the issues you are experiencing with your payroll. While the average business is not in the payroll industry and is unable to spend time on payroll issues, payroll services specialize in handling payroll taxes. It’s their industry, their business and a key element of their service offerings. Top payroll companies have tax specialists ready and knowledgeable when their clients call with questions about payroll taxes, deadlines, forms, and filings.

Use the Website

The websites of online payroll services are loaded with payroll information and resources such as paycheck calculators, glossaries of payroll terms, challenging payroll issues like employee and independent contractor categorization, and payroll and tax forms. Take advantage of all the payroll resources on payroll processing websites to better understand payroll. Many times, an online payroll service will also have a blog where important information is posted and resources are provided. Subscribe to the blog to find out about new posts right away.

Review the Reports History

The payroll reports that are available when you use a payroll processing service can be a great source of payroll tax help. Going back to payroll reports from previous payroll cycles can help you compare your current and past payroll issues. Custom reports, quarterly and year end reports, and W-2 reports are all a good tool to review in problem-solving payroll issues.


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