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Workforce management is an increasingly challenging responsibility in a difficult economy fraught with ever-increasing costs and stiff competition. Absenteeism and disengaged employees, older workers staying in the workforce longer, and more litigation for wage and hour issues make it harder to stay profitable and competitive. Reducing costs through strategic workforce management solutions is more than a line item on the corporate to-do list. It is a necessity for business survival and growth. An efficient and effective solution for employees on the road is GPS Time Labor Management.

Major Companies Know the Benefit of GPS

Major companies like Walgreens Company know the value of GPS for their driving employees. Walgreens-OptionCare, a division of Walgreens Company, uses vehicle tracking for its delivery vehicles providing infusion services, respiratory therapies, and home medical equipment, and plans to start a pilot program for sales vehicles. Operations improvement & analysis manager Moni Islam reports fuel cost reduction of 10 percent in the first year of tracking, emissions reductions, and better control of mpg as well as eliminating some unnecessary and unauthorized driving.

Global manufacturer Carrier reports that GPS tracking helped them reduce emissions by 30 percent and save $1 million a year in fuel costs. Carrier’s fleet manager Denise Cross manages a fleet of 3,000 vehicles and says onboard telematics reduce speeding by 40 percent and at-fault accidents by 45 percent. She says it also helps them dispatch more quickly in an emergency by knowing exactly where drivers and vehicles are at all times.

These impressive numbers hit the bottom line in a big way. If large companies realize the benefits and savings opportunities that GPS provides and take advantage of it to save money on fuel costs, accidents and speeding tickets, small businesses that implement GPS may be able to optimize revenues and gain a competitive edge over peer businesses that aren’t using the same type of technology.

Productivity Improvements

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s efficiency assessment looked at financial performance and efficiencies of GPS for fleet management and drivers behaviors. The D.O.T. found improved communications for delivery times, load planning, locations, and work status with improved fleet personnel and assets management. They also found reductions in unproductive miles and fuel costs and increased driver and dispatcher productivity.

Participants in the D.O.T. assessment additionally believe GPS tracking would help in the recovery of stolen assets like tractors and trailers and their loads. Geofencing, being able to know when drivers moved outside of assigned routes, was another benefit seen by participants. Reduced administrative costs associated with equipment inventory and assignments were also found.

PAYDAY Workforce Solutions Can Help

PAYDAY Workforce Solutions offers a strategic workforce management solution with GPS Time Labor Management. Our best-in-class technology can help streamline data collection, scheduling and reporting with GPS directly from smart phones and can then import directly into our payroll software. Businesses can maintain improved operational metrics, strategic business intelligence and better employee productivity because driver information can be monitored without the need for constant supervision.

PAYDAY’s GPS solution boasts a 13-18 percent reduction in mileage reimbursement payments and a 20 percent reduction in fuel costs!

Now that you know the facts, can your company afford not to take advantage of these cost savings? Contact PAYDAY today for a free consultation.


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