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Human Resources is an essential department in any company, and payroll is one of the most important functions of any HR department. Many companies today are making changes to their HR departments to include a cloud-based payroll software function. Cloud-based means the ability to store programs and data on a remote system that can be accessed by any computer with an internet connection, and it provides many benefits to your company.

Fast and Easy to Obtain

With payroll software that lives in the cloud, businesses don’t have to dedicate IT resources to maintaining or supporting the software. There is no installation required, and data and functionality is available upon login, accessible from anywhere, and natural disasters like floods or fires have limited to no impact on accessibility.

Payroll in the cloud reduces IT-related problems with maintaining, upgrading, or adding security. These functions are virtually unnecessary because the cloud provider takes care of most of them for you. Companies and their employees can access payroll data easily and quickly on desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

Payroll Is Always On

Whether calculating tax information, processing timesheets, applying retirement funds, or issuing payments, cloud-based payroll software improves your processes. There are many benefits that make managing payroll in the cloud well worth it:

  • Payroll is Always “On” – It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you work, your data and processes are always available in the cloud.
  • Untethered from the Desk – Cloud-based payroll software provides access to your payroll on the go, whether you're at a conference, out to lunch, away on vacation, or in a seminar, and you won’t have to miss any payroll deadlines.
  • Improved Collaboration – Simplify how you manage payroll and spread it out to whoever has access. Now multiple people can collaborate on the work if needed, with access to live information and identical data.
  • Scalability – Scale your services up or down as your company grows or reorganizes. Cloud-based payroll will easily scale with your company. Whether you're trying to grow your business or you have a seasonal operation, this is an important benefit.
  • Cloud Payroll is Secure – Guard against data loss without any complicated server backup schedules, aging equipment, or IT staff because payroll is securely backed up in the cloud. Payroll information needs to be kept on hand for years, and cloud-based software makes storage and access easy.

These are just some of the benefits that cloud-based payroll provides. One of the best benefits is the additional time you get when you aren’t tied to the payroll desk anymore. PAYDAY's newest solution, iSolved, integrates all of your business functions into a single source and is accessible through the cloud.iSolved

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