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HR Technology Trends in 2014

On Jun 16, 2014

HR technology trends for 2014 identified by the Society for Human Resource Management at its annual conference included mobile tools, HR cloud services, gamification, and integrated social media. Technology and software for HR impacts the way businesses are hiring, engaging, training, and managing their workforces, and social media has created a strong link between technology and paper-based functions of business and human resources administration.

Mobile Tools

The number one trend in HR technology in 2014 reported by SHRM at their conference is mobile applications for work. They cited the Pew Internet & American Life Project that says 56 percent of American adults have smartphones, giving them the power of the Internet in their pockets and purses all day every day, at home, work, and play.

Employers and HR want to take advantage of this expanding social and mobile capability with software for HR and apps to schedule and record time and attendance, create employee engagement, craft digital to-do lists and productivity trackers, and other ways to improve productivity. The rise of mobile tools spurred by the smartphone revolution leads right into another HR technology trend for 2014 – HR cloud services.

HR in the Cloud

With software for HR and mobile apps for work comes the need to access data remotely and from multiple devices so employees on the go can get the most out of their time away from their desks. And HR has increasingly more mobile workforces to manage. Access to real-time schedules, calendars, timesheets, and employee status helps HR process essential functions even without being face-to-face with busy employees. HR vendor services accessible in the cloud like benefits systems make access to administrative processing available 24-7 for busy HR departments. PAYDAY Workforce Solutions can help with this type of integration to help you take your manual process to the cloud to save you time and money. Automate important but time-consuming and tedious tasks like job posting, background screening, and on-boarding processes with our human resources services and products.

Gamification Makes HR Fun

Recruiting, training, and engaging employees is going to be gamified soon, with more than 70 percent of global businesses predicted to use at least one gamified application in 2014 according to the Gartner Group. SHRM named gamification one of the top 10 HR technology trends for 2014.

Recruiting games can help busy hiring managers and recruiters assess candidates before they hire them. Games that simulate the work environment and open jobs let employers see how employees respond to information, make decisions, and perform in the areas important to their businesses. Games have applications in almost every area of human resources and business operations, from skills and culture fit assessments, to training, to teamwork development, to employee engagement.

Integrated Social Media

Technology that integrates business and HR functions with social media not only saves time and money, but also helps create and drive engagement and collaboration. Private groups in Facebook and LinkedIn let HR do things like present flexible training and orientation and social programs can cut down the tedium of paperwork by offering online forms completion for hiring paperwork and benefits.

Enterprise social software includes communication and collaboration features such as microblogging, blogs, filtered activity streams, social networking, and widget-based dashboards that enable and encourage collaboration and productivity that just aren’t there with separate website, social media accounts, and intranet functions.

Count on ever-developing HR technologies to help you streamline your HR processes and activities, save money, and improve your payroll, human resources, and recruiting functions. PAYDAY Workforce Solutions can help you with this type of integration to help you with this manual process to the cloud to save time and money. PAYDAY Workforce Solutions shows you how.

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