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HRIS and Payroll Integration Boosts Efficiency & Effectiveness

On Jul 10, 2013

HRIS Payroll IntegrationThe more complicated the workplace gets, the more difficult it becomes to manage human resources information and activities. Today’s high-tech HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), however, integrate with payroll management systems to simplify HR tasks and reduce the time and energy necessary to keep up with all the information demands of the workplace. Systems for HR departments can now be simplified into one solution that’s easy to use for both companies and their employees.

Why is consolidation key? Because the integration of HRIS and payroll via one provider creates an automated system that’s accurate, secure and user friendly. Indeed, combining HR and payroll can offer enormous flexibility and a wealth of benefits.

Among the perks of HRIS:

  • Employers can analyze and run reports of employee data;
  • Manage benefits administration, including open enrollment and other changing insurance situations;
  • Track OSHA/safety issues; analyze compensation trends;
  • Receive date-triggered notifications and time-off requests;
  • Track and log performance evaluations

Integration of HR into payroll systems also means that a new hire’s information—or any changes made to his or her status—is automatically carried over from the HRIS to the payroll system. No paper or spreadsheets needed!

Affordable for Smaller Companies

Once so expensive it was only feasible for larger companies with extensive payrolls, the technology of affordable HRIS has made progress in recent months by finally supporting the needs of small- and mid-sized companies as well as the large. By offering these companies platforms that integrate complex components of HR management with payroll management, HRIS/Payroll gives HR professionals the tools they need to manage personnel with greater flexibility, competence and efficiency. The end result is that employers of all sizes will save time and money by consolidating all of their enterprise-critical HR needs into an integrated HRIS solution.

HRIS Human Resources

Time Labor Management Made Easier

HRIS can improve time labor management with a host of payroll-integrated innovations including biometric terminals that use fingerprint recognition to reduce fraudulent hours, telephone-based “telepunch” (to replace time clock punching) and automated tracking of mobile employees so your operations can run more efficiently—in the office or on the road.

Gearing Up for Better Record Keeping

As the deadline for the start of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) approaches on January 1, 2015, employers will become tasked with keeping far more detailed and accurate personnel and payroll records than many are currently used to doing.

Sophisticated—and now affordable—payroll services can make a huge difference in ensuring an employer’s payroll records are always up to the minute. All payments and filings are accurate and clients can rest assured it’s all taken care of.

Personalized Service for Both Employers and Employees

Another benefit that integrated HRIS/payroll offers is an employee-accessible interface. From the privacy and comfort of their own computers, employees can easily view check stubs and time off accruals, request time off, and update their personal information electronically. Imagine how much time and money that self-service capability can save an office staff. It means that your HR department will not receive as many calls or need to process as much paperwork, leaving time for other tasks and adding to department efficiency.

In every HR department, the emphasis must be on the company’s most important asset— people. That’s why it’s important to choose an HRIS provider that offers the kind of detailed personalized service that promises customers are never just a “number.” Customer calls should be answered by a live person who connects them to a dedicated payroll specialist, someone who knows their account inside and out.

In short, when HRIS/payroll integration is personalized, cost-effective, flexible and full-featured, why wouldn’t any employer want to enroll today?

For more information about how seamless HRIS and payroll integration can benefit your company with greater efficiency, contact a Payroll Specialist today.

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