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July 1 California Minimum Wage Hikes Dependent on City

On Jul 1, 2016

On April 4th, Governor Brown signed SB 3 into law, making California the first state to have a statewide $15 minimum wage.

Though California has a statewide $15 minimum wage, there are local minimum wage ordinances.  On July 1st, 2016, certain areas of California will experience their own independent minimum wage increases.

Rising to $14.82 (56+ Employees)
Rising to $13.00 (<56 Employees)

El Cerrito
Rising to $11.60

San Francisco
Rising to $13.00

Rising to $11.00

Rising to $10.50 (26+ Employees)

Santa Monica
Rising to $10.50 (26+ Employees)

Rising to $10.50 (26+ Employees)

Los Angeles County
(unincorporated areas)
Rising to $10.50

City of Los Angeles
Rising to $10.50

The California Restaurant Association has released an infographic reflecting all of these minimum wage hikes:

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