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New technology in HRIS for payroll integration

With advances in technology and data analytics, payroll is not a separate, stand alone accounting process anymore. It has become a core function tied to time labor management, employee benefits, 401(k), worker's compensation and accounting as well as HR functions such as hiring, employee development and performance management. Payroll outsourcing and integration with the right payroll tools can make multiple processes more automated and efficient. HRIS software systems such as PAYDAY Workforce Solutions’ DriveHR combine payroll outsourcing with efficient HR processing linked with payroll to save time and money and streamline important processes that support your workforce. An HRIS can provide tracking for important HR functions such as wellness programs administration, workflow management, time off records and benefits management.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs require tracking to administer effectively. Payroll programs integrated with HRIS software contribute to improved employee health, wellness and productivity, and increase employee engagement, job satisfaction and well being. Automating wellness program administration provides easy goals, progress and results reporting and help employers lower health insurance costs and improve employee health.

Workflow Management

Payroll integrated with an efficient HRIS like DriveHR helps employers standardize processes to optimize workflow, creating efficiencies and accountability in workforce management. It helps keep track of employee tasks and activities while keeping track of time and attendance, eliminating many steps in manual processes, enabling managers to focus on supervision, training, and recognition. Processes such as new employee onboarding and orientation, training and certification processes, and keeping track of time and seniority are all integrated and available easily.

Time Off Records

Time off tracking is easy within an automated process and creates efficiencies by reducing manual processing errors. Automated time off recordkeeping enables managers to better control absenteeism and plan for adequate staffing. It helps ensure employees follow time and attendance procedures, creates scheduling analytics and, of course, feeds into payroll.

Benefits Management

Benefits management within an HRIS such as DriveHR reduces time spent manually entering benefits enrollments, enables employee self-service for benefits and organizes premium bills for quick invoice reconciliation. It also facilitates paycheck deductions and helps employers with HIPAA and COBRA compliance.

Gone are the days when the “payroll lady” locked herself in a small office with an adding machine and a stack of timecards and employee files (and maybe pack of cigarettes and a bottle of liquor). Today’s payroll industry is quickly approaching a totally paperless process with employee and manager self-serve features, digital paycheck stubs from direct deposit wages and other online and computer-based systems.

DriveHR is a full-feature, industry-leading HRIS. Click here to download our DriveHR information booklet, or contact us for a demonstration.

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