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Anyone who owns or manages a restaurant knows that tipped employee wage issues are more challenging than other types of payroll. Varying tax treatments for regular wages, tips and gratuities, service charges, and uniform and meal allowances complicate compliance and mean a different piece of paper for every employee action.

Keeping all the moving parts of restaurant payroll organized is tricky. Online payroll services streamline restaurant payroll and get a complex process under control, reducing processing time and paperwork.

Interface with POS Systems

Instead of keeping track of all the individual pieces of restaurant payroll like hours, tips, and meal allowances, online payroll services interface with restaurant point of sale systems to streamline and automate payroll. POS interface means no more handwritten timesheets or lost time cards, no more matching employee meal tickets to timesheets, and no more forms for vacation and sick time because payroll information is directly collected when employees work for easy submittal. Overtime wages, taxes, garnishments, and other timekeeping issues like vacation and sick time are centralized and don’t have to be tracked manually.

G/L Integration

Online payroll services use employee payroll software to easily import general ledger information from payroll to accounting software. This makes not only payroll easier to manage, but also everything that comes after payroll when posting to the general ledger. Eliminate re-keying payroll data into accounting applications, get payroll matched to your G/L chart of accounts, and have access to reports for audits and changes.

Pay Stubs Online

When you use an online payroll service, pay stubs are available online for employees to view whenever they need them, without the effort and expense of printing, folding, stuffing, and distributing paper pay stubs every payroll cycle. When payroll is online, employee self-service allows for changes to address and W4 information, adding another streamlined feature. An electronic history of changes and easy reporting means you don’t have to chase and file paper for payroll and can focus on employee development and restaurant operations.

Relying on Experts

Restaurant owners and managers rely on payroll experts for help with the complexities of restaurant payroll. The benefit of using a top payroll company for restaurants with online payroll processing is assistance paying employees accurately and on time, compliance with restaurant payroll tax requirements, and ensuring they get all the tax benefits for which they are eligible. Restaurant owners will also get help understanding payroll legislation that applies to their businesses.

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