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PAYDAY Workforce Solutions Celebrates Workers with More Than Just Pay!

On Sep 3, 2013

Perfect PayrollPAYDAY Workforce Solutions is joining in the salute to the American worker and payroll professionals by participating in National Payroll Week, which coincides with the nation's Labor Day celebration.

Across the United States American payroll professionals collect and report 70.5% of all federal revenues. National Payroll Week is a public awareness campaign that pays tribute to them and the more than 156 million people who work in the United States.

To celebrate National Payroll Week, PAYDAY Workforce Solutions has launched PAYDAY's Payroll Toolkit which provides everything a payroll professional needs to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Payroll is a critical task! It is the one corporate function where 99.9% accuracy is simply not good enough! Payroll professionals manage a wide range of responsibilities – much more than processing, and reporting earnings and taxes. While those tasks alone are very important, in many cases, Payroll Professionals are also responsible for human resource activities, reconciliation and more. Accurate and reliable payroll processing is essential for every business in the country.

PAYDAY’s Payroll Toolkit has everything you need to make running this part of your business easier and more enjoyable.

Included in the Payroll Toolkit are:

1. 10 Tips to Perfect Payroll: Follow these tips for a smooth payroll period.

2. The Ultimate 2013 Tax and Limits Quick Help Infographic: 2013 limits and guidelines for self-employment tax, supplemental wages, FUTA, 401(k), Simple IRA and more.

3. Things to Consider when Evaluating Your Human Capital Management Solution: Important things you need to consider before selecting a HCM solution.

4. Payroll Playlist: 17 musical hits to help you power through the workday!

5. 2013 Payroll Calculator: Calculate required deductions and get the correct net amount for each paycheck. Valid in all 50 states.

6. Unique Benefits of PAYDAY Workforce Solutions: See why our clients stay with us year after year. Practical ways PAYDAY improves your payroll and human capital management.

Payroll Resources

"A paycheck that has a single mistake can result in noticeable morale problems and reduced productivity" says Brad Campbell, president and chief executive officer of PAYDAY Workforce Solutions. "That's why it is our job to make sure each and every employee is paid accurately and on time."

PAYDAY Workforce Solutions is staffed with highly skilled professionals who are experts at meeting deadlines and answering customer inquiries and who can assist with local, state and federal tax rules and regulations.

National Payroll Week is spearheaded by more than 21,000 members of the American Payroll Association in partnership federal and state agencies, NPW National Sponsors, local chambers of commerce, professional tax and human resource associations, and companies across the United States.

About PAYDAY Workforce Solutions

Since 1996, PAYDAY Workforce Solutions has provided payroll processing capabilities, human resources support services, and time management and employee attendance systems to businesses of all sizes throughout Southern California. We have significant experience in a broad range of industries, and deliver more features, more services, and more benefits at competitive rates. Turn to us when you need knowledge, expertise, and personal service in a meaningful, long-term relationship. You'll see why customers turn to us time and time again.


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