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With all the changes in the health care and the insurance industry today, benefits are more important than ever.  While open enrollments can be exhausting, the work employers put into benefits can’t end there.  Your employees need a whole lot more from your benefits than enrollment forms and deadlines.

Here are 4 suggestions on how to give your employees the best benefits you can afford.

  • Partner with brokers and consultants to turn benefits into more than just once-a-year selections.

Insurance brokers and their associates can help educate your employees on how to get the most out of their benefits with educational materials and on-site visits, and can answer questions that arise throughout the year.

  • Promote your benefits all year long so they bolster your employer brand and increase employee engagement.

Workplace studies show that employees who are healthy and financially secure are more productive at work.  Reminding employees about wellness programs, annual check-ups and other preventative resources will keep their benefits in mind and help keep them healthier.

  • Use technology to make benefits information easily available and relevant.

Employees appreciate the ability to access information about their benefits when they’re on the go.  Give employees year-round access to electronic benefit summaries, provider directories and printable ID cards.

  • Go beyond basic benefits and provide supplemental benefits that protect your employees’ health and finances

While it’s not possible to provide everything an employee could want, additional coverages outside of standard medical plans can go a long way with employees and many don’t cost employers a dime.  Supplemental plans like accident or critical illness policies, wellness benefits, or pet insurance provide the kind of flexible, customized benefits that allow employees to fill gaps in protection for themselves and their families.

Communicate That Your Company Cares

Most employers want to give their employees great benefits, so benefits create an important opportunity to better connect with and support employees.  When employers communicate and effectively leverage benefits, employees can see that you truly care about their wellbeing.

How PAYDAY Can Help

PAYDAY can connect employers with benefits brokers and the iSolved platform is a great tool for open enrollment, employee communication, benefits management, and more. Contact us now to learn how to better connect with your workforce.

If you have any questions about the information in this article or any other human capital needs, feel free to give us a call at (714) 467-3434.

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