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Are Association Health Plans an Appealing Option for Small Businesses?

On June 21, the Employee Benefits Security Administration published the final regulation around Association Health Plans (AHPs) which allows small business and certain self-employed individuals to band together and expand their access to.

5 ways a Benefits Administration System Eases the Burden

In today’s fierce and tight labor market, the need to provide competitive employee benefits to recruit and retain top talent has become one of management’s top priorities. As businesses grow, however, the administering of benefits becomes more.

What changes lie ahead for ACA?

The election of President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday answered many questions of what was a two-year campaign for the White House. However, it also raised many questions as well. Almost immediately, journalists as well as citizens were.

New Guidelines for Payroll Based Journal Reporting

In an effort to promote more accountability to facilities that focus on Long-Term care, The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated a new reporting tool called Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting in order to collect.

ACA and how it applies to Disability Recipients or Employees on Leave

A big question that employers have is whether or not they need to offer health coverage to those individuals who are currently on a leave of absence and/or receiving disability benefits.

Understanding Transition Relief for ACA

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known and commonly referred to as Obamacare, can result in a penalty against large employers that don’t offer coverage to their eligible employees. These penalties are often referred to as Employer Shared.

Combat ACA as a Team: Employers, Brokers, & Payroll Providers

A Broker’s Role is Not About Pricing Anymore

Before the ACA, annual renewals were all about price negotiation, but now companies are looking to their brokers for help with ACA compliance, and compliance with other laws such as the Employment.

How the Presidential Candidates’ Viewpoints Regarding the ACA Could Impact Your Company

How the Presidential Candidates’ Viewpoints Regarding the ACA Could Impact Your Company In This Article: • Democratic Party • Republican Party • Possible Change in Benefits • What PAYDAY Can Do To Help

The Benefits of Benefits

With all the changes in the health care and the insurance industry today, benefits are more important than ever.  While open enrollments can be exhausting, the work employers put into benefits can’t end there.  Your employees need a whole lot.

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