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Payroll is one area of business management that can mean better delivery at lower cost when outsourced. But payroll is not the only area where businesses can save money and get better results with outsourcing. Workforce solutions that include HR, time labor management, and benefits administration along with payroll processing make sense for mid-size businesses scaling up operations and workforces. They can expect better compliance, more accurate management, and flexible tools that meet their needs better than in-house processing with permanent staff.

Online Payroll Services

Top payroll providers offer online payroll services with advanced software that makes it easy to manage time off, certified payroll, automated electronic delivery, and let employees access their payroll records through employee portals. It’s easy to use online payroll services to submit payroll from anywhere with the Internet, get remote access, and import payroll information. Multiple pay options, flexible reporting, and paperless solutions make online payroll processing much more customized to individual company payroll needs.

HR Package

Online payroll services are just one part of outsourcing employee management. Workforce solutions beyond payroll make it easy and cost-effective for employers to develop a qualified workforce, administer benefits and manage performance. Applicant tracking systems, job ad templates, background screening services, and integrated onboarding help employers stay in compliance with employment laws and manage their HR responsibilities without hiring, training, and managing a full HR staff. HR support and employee self-service provide added value from workforce solutions.

Time Labor Management

Time labor management goes from a time-consuming, detailed chore to an easy automated process with workforce solutions from top payroll providers. Biometric terminals that use hand or finger recognition replace paper timesheets that require manual calculations. Web entry takes entry from a rigid process to a flexible solution that allows information entry from anywhere with the Internet. Time and hours reporting by telephone and mobile options that use GPS and apps take the pain and follow-up out of time labor management and make it a value-added process.

Obamacare Help

Workforce solutions save money by taking the chaos and confusion out of Obamacare compliance and decision-making. Employers that use workforce solutions in addition to online payroll services have Obamacare help as well. Instead of having to make sense of the massive amounts of legislature on their own, which is a big learning curve with lots of follow-up, help is available to ensure compliance and assist with making the best decisions for the business and their employees.

Do the Math

If you feel that processing payroll and managing HR separately is an ever-growing challenge in your business, consider the alternative. Use our ROI calculator to determine how much you could save with a good payroll service that offers total workforce solutions. If you can get the latest software and industry practices with knowledgeable and experienced payroll and HR specialists, and save money and time, can you afford to keep managing your workforce the same way?

iSolved ROI Calculator

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